Map Export

Map Export

Tool for download and export background image

Map Export is a powerful tool used for downloading and exporting background images. If your problem is how to get background images from Google map, this tool is for you.

It allows you to export both satellite imagery and street maps from Google Map. It can also export many kinds of bmp format according to your choice.

Map Export has many powerful functions. It supports multiple kinds of background image’s export and it gives you the choice whatever image or street maps you would like to export.

It also has the Multi-Task Support that helps save a lot of your time. Map Export supports . png, . gif, . bmp, . jpg even ESRI World File. If you re using a dial up connection, it also has the auto redial function.

Built-in Map Explorer allows you to specify the areas to be exported by just dragging a rectangle on the map explorer. This tool is easy to use and is best for GIS developer.

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Map Export


Map Export

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